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    Employer/Apprentice Charges for Training Hours with a Contract of Training (COT)

    Fees Under WorkReady Subsidised Training (excluding Fee for Service)

    Students or Employers will continue to pay course fees under WorkReady. These fees represent a contribution to the total cost of the course and are in addition to the subsidy that the government pays to deliver a course.

    For Certificate II and Certificate III Contract of Training the Employer or Apprentice or Trainee depending on individual arrangements, receives an invoice (charge) from VTECH at a rate of $4.50 per nominal hour for the unit (subject).

    How to calculate your Training Fees   ( excluding Resource Fees, Training Record Evidence Book and Text books)

    To calculate your Training fees, multiply the rate per nominal hour for your qualification / course  by the number of nominal hours you are enrolled in.

    The term “nominal hours” refers to the average learning and teaching effort required to fulfill the requirements of a course or program. These hours are set by the Government and provide a basis for government funding and Employer or Apprentice contributions for the selected qualification or course.

    The nominal hours for a qualification or course may vary depending on the electives chosen.

    Example AURASA2002 Apply safe working practices in an automotive workplace 20 hr unit @

    $4.50 equals a Training fee of $90.00 GST Free for that unit. ( for subsidised training )

    The expected total training hours for the Cert III apprenticeship can be between 970 - 1205 hrs spread over 3 years depending on the elective units selected.

    So a complete Training Plan consisting of 975 hours would equal  975 hrs X $4.50 equals $4,387.50 over three (3) years plus Resource Fees etc.

    Usually the Training Fee is charged upfront for the year, invoiced out from our Strathalbyn Office.

    Other Related Fees and Costs

    VTECH charges a Resource Fee to help cover the cost of stationery, workbooks and workshop consumables etc. for each student.

    • Yearly cost full time student $320.00  including GST
    • School Based student $320.00  including GST
    • Part year pro rata as applicable
    • Each  student  is  required  to  have  a  Training  Record  Evidence  Book  to  enable  third  party (workplace) sign off
    • Training Record Evidence Book $70.00 GST Inclusive


    Each student will require several text books relevant to their qualifications to assist them to complete their training. The text books range from $140 to $180 GST inclusive.


    Auto Technology 6th  eddition by Jack Erjavec and Rob Thompson


    GST Inclusive

    Heavy Truck Systems 6th Edition by Sean Bennett


    GST Inclusive

    Truck Engine Management by Sean Bennett


    GST Inclusive

    Modern Diesel Technology Heavy Equipment Systems by Robert Huzij, Angelo Spano and Sean Bennett


    GST Inclusive

    Road Qualification Bundle (Truck & Engine)


    GST Inclusive

    Mobile  Qualification Bundle ( Heavy & Engine)


    GST Inclusive

    Arguicultral Qualification Bundle ( Heavy , Engine & Auto)


    GST Inclusive


    VTECH Automotive Training reserves the right to discontinue or change specifications and prices on products and services offered, please confirm with VTECH Administration Staff.

    Note that under the Australian Apprenticeship System there are considerable incentives available which can be paid to Employers and Apprentices to assist them with their cost of Training and Development.

    For more information visit the Government website www.australianapprenticeships.gov.auor phone 133 173 or contact your local Australian Apprenticeship Centre.


 for more information phone (08)  8252 1144 or  email   VTECH AUTOMOTIVE TRAINING