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    The innovative “Sharing the Road” Program “Don’t Drive a Lemon” was officially launched in 2004.  Its foundation sponsors Alloomba Visions & Solutions, South Central Trucks-Volvo, South Australian Road Transport Association, CGU & NTI Insurance proudly support the program.

    The number one priority of this program is Road Safety and Sharing the Road with Other Vehicles.

    The program is aimed at reaching out to the general community and school students.

    The “Lemon Car” is an average old type of motor vehicle with a combination of over 40 defects and unsafe examples.

    It is very engaging, interactive and a lot of fun but with a serious message achieving the following outcomes:

  • Road Safety Knowledge
  • Fatal Five Message
  • Sharing the Road with Other Vehicles
  • Interactive way of identifying unsafe examples
  • Vehicle Component Identification
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Good Motoring Practices
  • WH&S Working Safely
  • Importance of a safe vehicle to travel to work (especially in rural areas)
  • Purchasing a second hand vehicle
  • The “Lemon Car” is available with the following workstations:

  • Parts Identification
  • Fire Extinguisher Identification
  • Prime Mover & Pantech
  • Wheel Change Assembly



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    At this stage this program is imbedded into VTECH’s  Schools Career  Information Display Sessions  and  other Career Information Display Sessions held through out Adelaide and regional centres.

    Remote Controlled trucks and forklifts are used to engage young people regarding their future Employment / Career options in the Transport and Automotive Industries.




A Project / Concept


Working with Young People & New Entrants

engaging them into the



    Utilizing Radio Controlled Training Aids to allow participants to gain an understanding of what is required to become a competent efficient Transport Operator.


            • Forklift Operation
            • Driving forwards & reversing of rigid, semi, b double

    Understanding of mass, dimensions, direction, placement, speed, coordination & load restraint


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